Looking to create the lifestyle you love? If so, this is for you!

Have you found yourself – as a child – being challenged communicating with people because you couldn’t speak the language they spoke? How about making friends? Maybe the feeling of not belonging, and then defaulting to the easiest thing you can do – giving up?

Emmanuel Anthony shares his childhood experiences with us, and how he learned to observe the behaviours and body language of others due to language barrier and not being able to communicate properly at the time using words.

Looking for alternative ways to connect with people, he got into modelling – since he was basically copying what other people were doing – something that later inspired him to learn more about human behaviour.

On a self-journey to heal something on the inside, Emmanuel was really looking for the answers and challenges within.

Today Emmanuel Anthony is a successful human behavioural speaker, researcher, writer, teacher and consultant who has dedicated the past decade to serving clients all over the world, to learn the tools that would assist them to create highly powerful levels of change within all areas of life.

You will learn:

02:57 – Our greatest teachers won’t always come in the form we expect

05:30 – I wanted to eat from the same plate as everyone else – meaning – whatever I taught needed to be authentic

08:28 – Every human being’s set of values is in direct proportion to their voids, the areas of their life they perceive are missing something

14:01 – Shame is…

27:02 – I revisit my values every four weeks – I don’t take guesses about what is most important to me

32:02 – Finding blessings in our stresses

42:43 – You want to evolve, grow and live an amazing and aspiring life, look for love

Emmanuel’s message to all: Everything comes down to your values, so check in with your values once a month.


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