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Welcome To The BillyBoss Community

I am so grateful and excited that you have come to join my community, and that you are open to the life changing transformation that is possible for you.

I created this community to share with you the lessons I learned along my journey of transformation and to give you the tools you need to transform your life.

My team and I are committed to helping you turn your dream into reality by becoming your authentic best self.

And please remember, you are worthy and capable of achieving anything you set your mind and heart to. You are truly worthy of living a successful and joyful life.

My Story – All About Billy

Hello, my name is Billy

I was born in Serbia, raised in Bosnia and now living in Australia. I am a proud working mama and I have a beautiful girl and an ultra hunky husband, John.

I am best known as ‘the voice’ for abused women, as a woman who has found inner peace and confidence after overcoming a life full of humps and bumps.

After healing myself from many traumas of sexual, emotional, mental and physical abuse, a near death experience during the war in Bosnia, forced marriage, toxic relationships and living on the street, I am proud to embrace the new me, and empower others to do the same. 

Since connecting to my true essence, having the power to make my own choices by overcoming many fears, finding my self-esteem and building up my confidence, one of the questions I’m often asked is: how did you break free – how did you get here – after so many years of abuse?

No doubt this was my biggest challenge in life, to break through the shackles of shame, blame, embarrassment, guilt, fear and all the other burdens of the past.

The Truth Set Me Free!

After several failed attempts at my life, fighting depression and anxiety, and hiding from my reality, I finally found the strength to break the rules and traditions imposed on me, as a Serbian woman.

“I broke the silence of sexual abuse and violence.”

“The Truth Was Born”

After years of doubt, loneliness and sadness, the moment came where I experienced my power from within. 

I am the undeniable proof of resilience and courage.

Through my own journey of personal growth and transformation, I have developed a deep passion for understanding the need and desire of human potential – through means of discovering the necessary confidence and passion for a fulfilled life.

No matter what your dreams or obstacles are, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you can change the world.

To thrive in today’s world, you have to bring your whole self to the table.

To help you build a life that you truly love, and my commitment to you is to support you reach the highest levels of your potential – building your confidence and passion, and focusing on your truth.

That includes owning, accepting and embracing the truth about your uniqueness, your gifts, your personality, your humour and your heart of gold – just the way you are.

Through years of therapy, healing and coaching I established a company based on love and passion, offering you all the tools and strategies you need for what is possible by simply starting off with the truth in you. 

Though tailored workshops, online training courses, free content and other valuable offers, my team and I are here to make a difference. 

Building confidence doesn’t come with shortcuts, and being passionately engaged with your dally experience has no shortcuts either…

I might not have all answers you are looking for, I am committed to be by your side though, with a heart full of love, so we can take this journey together and help you overcome your roadblocks. Together we can create your new and meaningful life, full of joy, happiness, laughter and love.

Being of Serbian background, which I am very proud of, and even though my English is not be perfectly polished, my undivided commitment is to bring out the very best in you, and help you transform your daily living and learning experience, like I have. 

Remember, “we are always stronger than we think.”

I am so grateful that you are reading this, and I am very excited for what could be the beginning of our relationship, so let’s get to know each other.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website and I look forward to having you join my community.