Never underestimate the power of self-love, as it breeds self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence and self-forgiveness.

Choosing yourself is not selfish and Lolo is going to take us thought why it’s crucial to do so, and what are the steps when it comes to choosing yourself and focusing on your happiness.

Make it a priority to keep yourself happy, and clear your headspace of anything that doesn’t. 

Lorraine shares her tips on how to train yourself to take on the somewhat challenging yet more fulfilling things, and how to let go of anyone or anything that constantly brings you more sorrow than happiness.

Lorraine Lindsey, affectionately known as Lolo, is a professional motivational speaker, a certified professional life coach, and a Peak Performance Coach. Lolo decided one day to choose herself and she has never looked back!

She is also certified in the gaming industry and is recognized as a Responsible Gaming Ambassador from the University of Las Vegas.

You will learn:

02:58 – What had to happen for Lolo to choose herself and never look back

05:33 – Figuring out how to rebuild yourself

06:20 – Where to look when you feel stuck in your journey

09:12 – The cycle of acceptance, the steps we need to go through to become our best self

11:37 – The importance of the story we tell ourselves

14:47 – The power of unlearning things

16:47 – Defining self-love without being selfish

20:47 – Lolo’s strategy of overcoming obstacles in life

22:53 – Lorraine’s message to all: Don’t let the past be the reason you can’t have the best life for yourself.


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