In today’s episode we will learn how to find a perfect balance in life and business. We will be joined with the crazy fun, out of the box Mum and Online Biz Coach, Kylie Thomson. Kylie has over 25 years of experience, former head coach of National College of Business, former franchisor of her own chain of Fitness Centres, a renowned International Speaker, has a Bachelor in Business, and invested over $350k in personal development, courses, coaches and programs.

Kylie can help you fast track and get unstuck to create a life you love. She’s all about family, fun and freedom. She’s full-time single Mum and she wants to help “Mompreneurs”, like her, create a life you love.

Kylie will tell us about the 7 deadly sins that are holding everybody back from having a balanced lifestyle, she will walk us through how to have a balanced business, from running your business your way to attracting your dream clients.

Now let’s get in to it!



3:20 - Kylie's story
4:40 - Are you ready to RISE UP?
5:00 - Balanced Business Blueprint
5:30 - Run your business your way
5:55 - Breaking down beliefs
7:45 - 7 deadly sins that are holding everybody back from having that balanced lifestyle/business
10:00 - Disempowering statement switch
19:00 - attract your dream clients
21:00 - Master your message
22:00 - Your business, your results, is a reflection of your life
22:50 - Income producing activities
24:45 - Have a SYSTEM (Save Your Self Time Energy & Money)
27:00 - Leverage is the key


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