In today’s episode, we are so lucky to be in the presence of Gabriela Chang, a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Dating and Relationship Expert, Transformational Healer, Speaker, and Author.

Gaby uses her intuitive gifts to tune into your higher frequencies and download the information you need to work with in order to activate your subconscious mind, dissolve limitations, and rewire your vibrations to welcome in the love you desire.

She helps you to accelerate your spiritual, physical, and emotional ascension to heal past karma drama and experience the loving relationship you know you deserve. She is a certified ThetaHealer Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Transformational & Mastery Coach, and Feminine Embodiment Leading Expert with the skills and care to guide you and support you to transform your love life.

In this episode Gaby will describe to us why relationships are so difficult to deal with, why do we fail in finding or attracting our soul mates and why do we keep on going in a pattern of getting into bad and toxic relationships over and over again.

She said, in order to attract the right person in your life you have to make sure to work on yourself first, because the relationships you get yourself into, not just romantic relationships, will be a reflection of how you are inside.

So, to know more and how we can start, let’s dive in!



2:02 – Gaby’s story

5:16 – What's the point of continuing getting married if you're going to continue failing in your relationships?

6:25 – Relationships are a reflection of how we are inside.

8:05 – Start doing the inner work because otherwise you're going to be projecting onto people and they're going to project back onto you because you're reflecting onto each other.

10:15 – Really finding that security within yourself

11:59 – Men are just very simple, women are much more complex

15:00 – You have to be happy in your own self, you need to have your own identity

20:05 – Five love languages

23:00 – Be intentional when communicating

25:00 – Relationship check-ins

25:54 - How is your love bucket filled in? What are you putting in that bucket? What do you need to have there? You know, this is so, so important for, you know, each individual, not just in a loving relationship, but also with the relationship with ourselves.


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