In this episode we will be able to have a conversation with Whole-love Coach, Charlie Mac. She will guide us through the path to fall truly, deeply and wildly in love with ourselves. She will also help us to discover the layers of programming and find out what we can do about it. 

Charlie Mac has many years in training, coaching certifications, and experience in all kinds of research, but most of all, she has been through what you have been through. She knows what it's like to live a contradiction - to appear "together" on the outside, but full of self-doubts and struggling to gather confidence. 

You see, she knows the critic inside all of us. She knows it so well that she started calling hers the inner-supervillain, and I’m sure we all have this inner-supervillain too!  

She will share her most valuable secret in controlling your inner-supervillain 

  • Catch your inner-supervillain 
  • Befriend your inner-supervillain 
  • Have a weekly session with her and talk to her 
  • Note any limiting beliefs she says, and choose alternatives – adopt them consciously and make them as your TARGET beliefs 

Now, let’s sit back and learn how we can control, build a strong and loving relationship with our inner-supervillain. These steps will ensure us to really love ourselves and eventually even find our equal if you still haven’t found him/her yet. 


3:40 – Have you ever known something before you understood what you actually knew?

4:00 - The myth is that you can't be strong, driven, successful, and land in a toxic relationship.

7:16 - We have a tendency to cling to our painful experiences and we justify our emotions and our need to protect ourselves, by thinking of ourselves as broken.

8:00 - We aren't broken. We were born unique and precious, and the events that have taken place in our lives haven’t changed that, and the scars that we bear from our experiences are simply notes scribbled in the margins of our book of life. Our resilience, isn't a result of being put back together after being broken, rather, we are resilient because we did not break.

9:35 - The strongest need of a human being is to remain consistent with how they identify themselves.

11:00 - Our subconscious runs our lives 95% of the time.

12:00 - My subconscious as my inner super-villain

15:40 - I had made the decision to serve other women like myself who had been on the hamster wheel of toxic relationships.

16:30 - We make these friends, we joined these spaces. And it turns out that we do this to prove our own beliefs to ourselves. Why? I know it sounds silly, but it's to allow ourselves to protect ourselves.

18:45 - My most valuable secret four step plan

24:00 - You have to put a system in place to take charge of your subconscious more often than 5% of the time. And you have to reprogram her to see the truth and light of who you really are.


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