I want you to take some time and carefully think though the following questions:

  1. What would I do?
  2. Who would I be?
  3. Where would I live?
  4. What type of work would I do?
  5. What type of relationship would I love to be in?
  6. If I had confidence? And if I didn’t fear anything?

Struggling with confidence and not sure where to start? Well, my friend you are in for yet another treat. Alyssa Dver shares her profound tips and strategies on what it takes to start building confidence and how we can discover what are our triggers and fears.

Alyssa is CEO of the American Confidence Institute and among all achievements in her life she authored 7 books and in 2020, her seventh bestseller hit the marker, called: “Confidence is a Choice”- Real Science, Superhero Impact.

With great joy, Alyssa coaches several start-ups, non-profits, and executives, but above all Alyssa is most proud of being a mom to two very tall sons and one very quirky rescue pooch.

Let’s dive in into the science of confidence and what to look for when we want to boost it!

You Will Learn:

07:29 - Our confidence has been stolen from us by certain situation, people, and things we do to ourselves. We self-sabotage our way by literary using negative self-talk. Conditioning is big part of our confidence and usually comes from parents, teachers, any authority figure from childhood, small or big trauma that brings those little triggers into our brain, which we call neuropathways. Every time you go to do that thing, it triggers it and reminds us that we can’t do it.

10:12 - The steps and strategies as to how we can repair our confidence.

Example: Live experience guidance – if you can take that one pill that would give you confidence what would that pill be?

11:44 - You must be super honest with yourself, and you have to say to yourself: It’s about fear and it’s going to be one of 3 fears. I want you to identify, which of those 3 fears is making you feel unconfident:

  1. Fear of failing
  2. Fear of regret
  3. Fear of rejection

19:32 - It; s not that we are not taught about confidence, but we are also lied to. We get told to say “fake it till we make it”, and the only one who is faking it is you!

23:10 - The difference between confidence issue …

24:30 - Real life example given and what to do when you are confronted with fears.

27:46 - 60 years to get to confidence?

33:07 - Confidence is a choice

 Alyssa’s message to all: Pay attention to things that make you uncomfortable and do not ignore them. Don’t let others to make a choice for you as You got the power to make your own.


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