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With the new year comes a sense of new beginnings and of looking to the future. It’s a time and space for reflecting on the previous year. This can be one of the most helpful parts of this time of year, as we can look back to where we were last year and note our differences.

For me, reflection and attention to positive change, taking note of what we have learned on our journey up until now, can allow us to apply it to the future, to take what is helpful and to leave behind what is not.

In today’s episode of Billy Boss Show, I’ll give you helpful, specific questions or prompts to guide us in our journey of reflecting and moving forward. These questions have been designed to help you to take time to complete the year and to formulate the new year from a clean slate. I use them on myself regularly to ensure that I stay motivated and attentive to the general meaning of my life and what’s most dear to me.

By working on these questions, you will complete this year powerfully so you can have the room to build a new "me" for the new year. I call it a new identity!

I hope these ideas have been helpful and I hope that everyone who watches this has a healthy and happy New Year.


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