Do you know that “I’m fine” is the most told lie in the English language? It is usually used when someone is, in fact, not fine but they say “I’m fine” because they don’t want to burden others and it’s easier explaining than what’s wrong. Would you agree?

F.I.N.E is said to stand for “Feeling Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional”, and can also be “Feeling I’m Nothing to Everyone” or “Feeling Inadequate, Needing Encouragement”. Whatever your definition of FINE may be most of us would just lie and say “I’m FINE”, because it’s an easy way out.

Then why do we say “I’m fine” when clearly, we’re not:

  • Not sure of what you really feel
  • Pretending to be okay
  • To avoid conflicts
  • Scared to tell what you're really feeling

Only those who identify with these feelings can truly understand the agony behind the words “I’m fine.”

The next time someone asks how you are, think about the response you’re already anticipating. What if we didn’t settle for “fine”? What if we stop, take a moment and answer with true sincerity how I’m doing? Or better yet, tell them how you’re feeling. We could all benefit from slowing down and honestly evaluating how we ourselves are doing.



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