In today’s episode, I’ll be chatting with an Emotional Healing Coach, Certified NLP Master Coach & Practitioner from Trento, Italy, now based in Melbourne and already 3 years in the business, Emiliano Valcanover.

He will give us NLP tips and strategies in overcoming life’s hurdles, and how he overcame his and is now helping others deal with their emotional healing as well.

He made the impossible possible! Overcoming the loss of his wife. He looked for help, and the process of healing helped him on such a deep level, that he saw how he could help others.

If you have experienced loss or just reached rock bottom after a significant event in your life, this episode is for you!

Emiliano will show you how we can gain back our LIVES, even after hitting rock bottom. Remember, putting yourself FIRST will not make you a bad person but a better person, for you and your loved ones. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!


What we discussed: 

1:00 – Who is Emiliano Valcanover? Why do you what you do?
2:20 – What brought you to NLP?
5:20 – What was the point in your life when you thought you needed help?
7:55 – Steps towards HEALING
11:44 – What does “LAST BECOMES FIRST” mean?
13:00 –Being a people pleaser, I was LAST in my life now I’m putting myself FIRST.
15:31 – Who are you working with right now and how is that journey?
18:00 - How men are already starting to open up and expose their vulnerability
20:22 – Man up vs open up
23:30 – What is the CORE thing we need to change first, in order for us to gain LASTING TRANSFORMATION?
27:49 – Where can people find you?
28:36 – It would be SELFISH not to share what I know and experienced
30:55 – Emiliano’s FINAL MESSAGE 

“There are so many boxes where they want to put us in, but we are all unique. We have our own journey, we have our own challenges, everything is in their own scheme, it’s not some else’s. Whatever you are trying to do, to change, to achieve, to overcome, and if so far it didn’t really work or met your expectation, don’t stop looking. To get a different result we have to start looking for a different direction, and the boxes that I mentioned, may not be the right one for you. Life is not just pain.”


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