In today’s episode, we will cover the power of shifting your story by first dating yourself, taking care of yourself and deciding how to shift your story to your terms, which can help you be a magnet for high-quality men/women into your life.

Our guest for today is Lizzie Dyson. She is a dating and relationship coach. She empowers women to be the best version of themselves and, in the process, attract high-quality people into their lives.

After listening to or watching this episode, you will NEVER want to SETTLE. Instead, you'll be going after what you truly deserve. The perfect man for you is out there, who has already evolved, who understands his purpose and is living his purpose, knows what he wants and is willing to make a commitment, and who wants to find his queen – one who will forever be by his side, that’s what you’re looking for.

The great thing is I have already found mine, and I hope you’ll find yours too!


What we discussed: 

01:28  – Who is Lizzie Dyson?
02:40  – How Lizzie started her journey
06:00  – How Lizzie decided to shift her story
08:00  – How hitting rock bottom wakes you up
10:05  – How to start attracting a quality person in your life
12:40  – How confronting will it be to start dating yourself before attracting the partner you deserve?
14: 00 – How do you identify a high-quality person?
16:37  – How can past trauma hinder attracting high-quality people into our lives?
20:37  – Kinds of women who ask for Lizzie’s help
22:17  – Most common limiting beliefs women have
25:56  – Lizzie’s final message – “Open your mind to the possibility, the world is infinitely full of possibilities, suspend your disbelief for the moment, and live your day imagining that you are a goddess on a pedestal and hundreds of men wanting your attention any given moment, what would you do differently?


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