Brian shares his struggles with being visually impaired and how his reality actually made him grateful for his disability. 


My guest on today’s episode of Billy Boss Show will leave you inspired and grateful for the circumstances you have in life. He is a loving husband of 36 years and already a grandfather to 6 adorable kids. He has been employed for over 42 years in the heavy metal industry despite being visually impaired. 


His name is Brian Whalan and he will share his experience with losing his eyesight progressively over the years and how it influenced his perspective on life and shaped him to become a better person. 


Brian’s aim in life is to leave a legacy, a better mark on everywhere he has been. According to him, he attempts to be grateful and greet everyone enthusiastically, keyword there is attempts’ because as Brian said, positivity is indeed a choice and we can choose it daily. 


His personal journey is very inspiring and heart-warming, his attitude will leave a smile on your face and will give you hope in people and in life. 


Remember, there is always a way out no matter what circumstance you have right now, and no one can define you but you. 


What we discussed:  

01:13 – Who is Brian Whalan? 

04:47 – Why “Blind Determination”? 

09:00 – Focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do 

10:23 – When did his vision start to deteriorate? 

12:42 – Acceptance of his disability 

18:04 – Being grateful for the circumstances 

18:21 – What it means to have the disability 

20:00 – Staying positive is a choice 

22:00 – Secret to working despite the visual impairment 

24:00 – Empowered by Brian’s reality 

25:35 – Most powerful advice you can give 


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