Have you ever wondered what it means to be unstoppable?

No matter where you are in your life, sometimes you just need to be inspired.

You are a great person, leader, parent, event organizer, and great people push to live an extraordinary life. But that’s never easy.

Sometimes, you will feel like you can’t do it anymore, any better, or any other way.

Unstoppable Tracy will help you crush your roadblocks and come out on top, by sharing with you the steps on how to:

  • Exceed uncertainties
  • Embrace possibilities
  • Earn independence

Tracy is an Award-Winning Business Leader & Speaker with the stars, in 160 countries, and on TEDx in over 40+ countries

She is the 1st ever four-limb amputee who has climbed the Himalayas – and possibly the only one to do so – a TV Host, Bestselling Author, and the 2020 inductee of the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame.

You will learn:

02:58 – Lim(b)itless… What does it take to be limitless?

03:28 – The trick to staying limitless is in the three golden E’s

07:33 – Where do you get the most strength from?

15:30 – The power of finding your lifelines in life.

16:40 – What we should be doing to fill up our own cup, and be fulfilled and happy

18:25 – We all got the FAT… What type of fat is Tracy talking about?

21:30 – Tracy’s short bio on how she got to do what she is doing today.

34:25 – The power of speaking into people’s listening rather than their problem

35:22 – When you are faced with NO, what to hear instead

45:15 – Tracy’s message to all: Just get started, no excuses no limits.


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