Jessica shares her best mindset tips on being confident and successful, in business and in life.


My guest on this episode is a successful entrepreneur, international success mindset coach, and global keynote speaker who just happens to be the go-to person for building confidenceand success simultaneously — and let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to be that?!


Her name is Jessica Kate, and if you haven’t heard any of her content before, listen or watch closely because she is someone whom I highly respect in both business and in life. 


Here’s the thing about Jessica, even though she is a successful entrepreneur and a powerful coach, she prefers to be known as a tough leader. She is educating, supporting and inspiring all success seekers around the world, to fulfil their passion and purpose.


She is the founder of Inspiring Minds Academy, which is designed to unleash the entrepreneur in you and help you become a magnet for success.


Her personal journey is one of grit and determination that makes you admire her daring spirit. Jessica is truly a master of mindset, and in this episode, she shares the habits, tips and strategies that have helped make her the success that she is today.


You’ll learn:  

01:35 – Who is Jessica Kate?

07:03 – How did you have success and confidence?

10:00 – Finding your true identity

15:57 – Being aligned with your purpose-driven success

16:47 – Challenges Jessica faced on her journey

25:05 – Jessica’s winning daily routine

35:11 – Jessica’s favourite question to ask clients

42:00 – Jessica’s most empowering sentence


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