In today’s episode of Billy Boss Show, I’m so excited and proud to introduce our guest for this episode of, “Healthy Body Image: Tips for Guiding Teens”, it’s none other than, my daughter, Baby Boss.

A teenager’s body image can affect everything from self-esteem to choices about clothing, diet, and exercise. It can also lead to afflictions—from anorexia to body dysmorphia. During this last year of pandemic living, body image issues have exploded, there was a 41-percent increase in people seeking help for eating disorders. Plus, COVID led to more time on social media, which only adds to the problem.

What can parents do to ensure teens develop a healthy body image and how should they respond when issues arise?

In today’s episode, we will get to know how does a teenager really think about his or her body, how it affects them and how we, as parents, can help them.



2:42 - What is body image?
4:18 – Social media has a great impact in our body image
4:23 - 5 top insecurities for girls and boys
5:18 - Effects of poor body image
6:02 - Self-esteem tips
7:00 - 5 facts for you about body image


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