Have you ever wondered why there are so many people who are suffering emotional pain? Why do we get hurt or hurt others?

Did you know that we only hurt others when we are in pain ourselves? We control others when we have been controlled ourselves.  

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s possible to move on and have a happy and healthy life after being hurt by someone you trust? 

Or have you found yourself procrastinating and feeling stuck without knowing why?

In this episode, Meredith Deasly guides us through the very important steps that we need to take in order to create and live a fulfilled life.

Meredith is the author of “The Resourceful Mother’s Secret to Healthy Kids / Emotional Health and Spiritual Health” and she connects families to health and happiness though nutritional consulting, life coaching and spiritual vitality.

You will learn:

05:50 – The process of forgiveness starts with… 

09:31 – What is forgiveness, and how important is it to know what it means for you? 

11:43 – Why do we develop incorrect beliefs about ourselves? 

21:57 – How to manifest what you want, and what is the most important aspect of manifestation   

32:30 – Using the voice of reason  

34:38 – Setting small goals in the direction of large goals 

39:55 – Where to start when you have so many areas of your life to work on?

Meredith’s message to all: When you focus on one goal at a time you also get the answers you need to achieve your other goals.


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