You’re Not Alone by Aana Mila Bella


Author Aana Mila Bella grew up in a small Bosnian village surrounded with green forest, rolling hills, meadows, mountains, and lots of fresh air. She felt freedom, and everything seemed to be perfect. But when she turned six years old, Aana’s life became a living hell. In ‘You’re Not Alone’, she tells her life story against the backdrop of continual sexual abuse from her father.

In this memoir, she narrates how she endured her father’s abuse until she was almost eighteen years old, how she was robbed of her childhood, how she prayed for someone to help her, and how she wished many times for her life to end. She suffered from depression and anxiety. She was shot and survived an attempted murder. You’re Not Alone narrate’s how Aana found the perseverance to survive both the repeated abuse and five years of war in her country. It tells how she overcame a host of challenges through her relationship with the heavenly Father.